FITUN Joins with International Social Movements in Week of Global Action Against Debt and International Financial Institutions

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Trinidad and Tobago (FITUN) joined numerous social movements the world over and answered the call by the global network, Jubilee South to ‘break the chains of debt’ and undertake activities geared towards sensitizing the public around the issue of debt as part of the Week of Global Action Against Debt and International Financial Institutions.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011 as part of a debate on the 2012 National Budget, President of FITUN, Senator David Abdulah addressed the critical issue of debt and the potential disastrous impacts of a sovereign debt crisis, such as that presently gripping Greece and other European countries. In addressing the audience of some 300 participants, which included trade union activists and secondary schools students, Cde. Abdulah set the record straight by explaining that the current debt crisis which is manifesting itself in Europe and which is threatening to all but cripple that region is as a result of the global capitalist system being in crisis.

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HAITI Demands Debt reparations and an end to the MINUSTAH military occupation

Buenos Aires, October 14, 2011 – Groups around the world, including in particular in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile with some 4000 military and police forces presently occupying the sister republic of Haiti, as part of the Un Stabilization Mission (MINUSTAH) established in 2004, have taken action during the Global Week on Debt and IFIs, to press their demand for troop withdrawal and the establishment of a new paradigm of cooperation with Haiti.  Street actions, public forums, press conferences, and formal presentations of an Open Letter to UN and OAS Secretary Generals, Security Council and MINUSTAH members, signed by groups and prominent activists from some 45 countries, are among the activities that have taken place throughout the Week which coincides with the annual vote on renewal of the controversial mission. As the decision to extend the Mission´s mandate for an additional year was announced this morning, without any significant changes in its structure or purported functions, Argentine Nobel Peace Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel expressed his indignation and Dialogo 2000 activist Beverly Keene ratified the commitment of movements and networks throughout the region and world to strengthen the campaign against the military and economic occupation of Haiti. Read the full communiqué The letter was delivered as part of the Global Week of Action on Debt and IFIs (8 to 16 October), in further recognition of the need to achieve total and unconditional cancellation of the debts still being claimed of that country and the reparation of historic, financial, ecological, and social debts due to the Haitian people. ——– For additional information: Dialogue 2000 Argentina  Tel +54911 5569-0140 Jubilee South/Americas Jubilee South

Latin American Debt Week Activities kick off in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, October 8, 2011 –  The Global Week of Action against Debt and IFIs quite literally kicked off this weekend in Rio, where the Jubilee South Brazil Network is a key organizer behind the growing network of local communities mobilizing around the impact of megaevents, such as the coming World Cup Soccer Championship and the Olympic Games.  With the initial round of eliminatories for the 2014 World Cup coinciding this year with the start of the global Debt Week, they leafletted at major stadiums across the country, raising awareness of the diverse costs of such megaevents – including huge new indebtedness – and urging people and the environment before public monies for private profits.  “Red Card the Debt!  Yes to the World Cup, but not with MY Money!!” is one of their main slogans – drawing links to the impact of the public spending for the Greek Olympics and other similar megaevents and their present economic debacles.  “Yes to the World Cup, No to its social costs!”  Check out their leaflet, in portuguese, at the Debt Week site: Other activities are scheduled for the week in Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Trinidad and Tobago, among others.  In Colombia a Forum will be held in the National Chamber of Deputies, October 13th.  In numerous countries, the Week will also serve as framework for continuing to press the twin demands of “Haiti NO Minustah” and “Reparations, not More Debt!”  Presidents, Foreign and Defense Ministers, UN Ambassadors, UN and OAS Secretary Generals, among others, will be the target of actions and presentations of the Global Appeal for MINUSTAH troop withdrawal NOW! from Haiti.  More information and copies of the Letter and full list of signators are available at (Eng/Fra/Esp/Por) More detailed information on overall activities in Latin America available in Spanish,

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